Kids & Cooking

I love to get my kids into the kitchen cooking!  With my oldest now 12, he is able to get in there and do more and more!


I always think I will be more intentional about teaching my kids in the kitchen, and so often I am in too much of a hurry to slow down and include them!!  I hope that is going to change!!

I am going to get my hands on a copy of this e-book in a few short days!!


{on MONDAY as a part of




What is inside this book?  (Just a few highlights – go HERE to see everything inside)

What’s in the Real Food Kids eBook?
  • All 19 print versions of the lessons in our popular Real Food Kids online class.
  • Suggested schedule.
  • Nutrient-dense recipes which incorporate the principles of traditional cooking — like soaking, sourdough, sprouting, little sweetening, and healthy fats.
  • A selection of recipes that kids can make — breakfast, lunch, dinners, snacks, and desserts!
  • Many, many recipes to help your children put their knowledge into practice in delicious ways.
  • Help for organizing the kitchen around little helpers.
  • Links to more information to help you take it all further.
  • The best part though is that there are E-classes that I can let my gang watch – they get to learn from another great cook, another mom passionate about her kitchen!  And then I can take them into the kitchen and let them loose (until they need help)!

    I am thrilled to empower my kids to take what they learn and run with it.  I am looking forward to letting them plan and execute more meals in the weeks to come!!  Stay tuned!!And don’t forget to come back MONDAY and check out



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