New life into the Old

I cannot remember the last time I have bought clothes at the store with tags on.  I admit it.  I have become a Thrift Store snob.  I refuse to fork over the money those stores want for their wares.  Instead I try to get to my favorite thrift store (in DFW) at least monthly.  And when I get up there, I LOAD UP!!

I usually walk out with 2-3 bags full of clothes.  Jeans for 6, or so, an occasionally jacket for a boy, a couple pairs of pants for a girl, shirts for a few other boys, and so on!  The most I have had to hand over in exchange for my bags of Gap, Cold Water Creek, Talbots, Old Navy, Ann Taylor, Wrangler, Levi or Banana Republic clothes?  About $87.  Honestly.  And on that 87$ day I bought 3 full bags of clothes and got many items for every family member!!


But I will admit, I am often walking the aisles of my favorite spot and I see a shirt with cute fabric but don’t like the cut or the style.  You know?  And I wish I knew what to do with such an item.  Or I find a darling skirt 10 sizes too big – ugh!! 


I cannot wait until Monday to download Reuse Refresh, Repurpose!!



“reuse, refresh, repurpose, my new 57-page ebook, is filled with 20 useful, practical, manageable ideas that will help you get the most out of your clothes.”

I am so excited to pour through the 57 e-pages to get some great ideas to breathe new life into my current clothes, or glean some great ideas of what to do with that  adorable large skirts from the thrift store!!

Yes, this e-book is one of the many, many e-books that will be in the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle – available on Monday!! Come on back here to see what is included, and get an idea of the amazing-ness!!  Did I mention $140 in bonuses as well?  Free Bonuses!!



Psst.   This might be just the Mother’s Day gift you want to let someone know you would like!! 

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