Kids in Kitchen (Success)

So after making a commitment HERE to get my kids into the kitchen more, I have been so much better!!

Monday morning my oldest got the chance.  Sometime after lunch I asked J if he wanted to run dinner.  I had already picked the menu, but prepping it was completely up to him. 

sweet pot flautas

I was inspired by Black Bean & Sweet Potato Flautas on Pinterest and decided to make that!  However, we did tweak it.  We are trying to use the microwave less, and the pressure cooker more!!  So, he soaked the black beans for about an hour.  Then rinsed (again) and put them in the pressure cooker, plus 3 cups of water per cup of dried beans.  Then, he cooked them up in the pressure cooker for about 6 minutes.


Next was the sweet potatoes.  The recipe called for microwaving them, but again we cleaned up the Pressure cooker and used that.  He peeled the potatoes and then cubed them.  Threw them in the Pressure Cooker with a little olive oil and water then cooked them about 7 minutes (I think).

Once they were all done, he put the beans, the potatoes, and the corn into one pot and mixed them up.  Then added all the seasonings.

Again, the recipe called for nuking the tortillas, we warmed them on the cast iron griddle and then he put the mixture in the tortilla, sprinkled some cheese and fresh chopped cilantro from the garden and rolled them up.  They turned out very yummy!!

j and his diiner

Kid in the Kitchen Day 1 = SUCCESS!!

(next up PJ making Spaghetti)

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