Garden Update

This is the first year I have honestly felt like this garden thing might pay off.  We have been trying our hand at a garden since living in Tennessee, and it never fails that something seems to go wrong.  In TN we deployed all the time in the Army, so watering was a challenge.  In Mansfield things just never worked out until we moved, quite honestly – then things came in great!

Since arriving here we have been dabbling in the garden with minor successes : Tomatoes in 2011 were good, cucumbers too – in 2012 not much was harvested in general, except Purple Hull Peas and I had not clue what to do with them.

New Year – New story!!  Yeah!  finally our learning and hard work seems to be paying off a bit!!


Now I know this is just our early spring garden, but so far things are looking good in the Tomato and Pepper section too!!

So far we have cabbage forming heads and getting BIG!

cabbage glare

Some Swiss Chard – Rainbow variety – and it looks great.  Tastes great too, we have sauted some with our Kale and Spinach.


Here is our lettuce – we try to make a salad daily pulling just the outside leaves of our lettuce and letting it continue to grow! 


Onions are coming in so well!!  We planted tons of onions this year (hope they will store well)

onions group[

And they are starting to pop up, which means they are almost ready!  But Robert won’t let me pull any yet….

onion coming up

And lastly, Spinach – it is doing well, despite that pesky rabbit eating several plants.spinach

So, all the time and effort that went in to the past gardens we have planted are starting to pay off!!  Finally!

snap peas

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