Book Review : The Dog that Talked to God

I am so excited to be helping my boy review yet another book!! This book is by Jim Kraus and it is The Dog that Talked to God.


This is a good book that teaches why trusting God is so important. The main character is a widow who is angry at God following the death of her husband and son.

When Rufus enters the scene, Mary discovers that he talks and not with barks! Eventually Mary begins attending church again and realizes that maybe she was wrong to leave the church and blame God for what happened.

Rufus becomes a friend that she is able to confide in, which was refreshing since it had been a while since she had someone to open up to.

J enjoyed reading this book, and would recommend it.

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Meet Jim:photo_jimkraus
Jim Kraus grew up in Western Pennsylvania and has spent the last twenty years as a vice president of a major Christian publishing house. He has written more than twenty books and novels, including the best-selling The Dog That Talked to God. He and his family live outside of Chicago with a sweet miniature Schnauzer and an ill-tempered Siberian cat named (of course) Petey.



NOTE : I was offered a copy of The Dog Who Talked to God, at no cost, in exchange for an honest review, by Litfuse.

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