Book Review : When a Secret Kills

I am thrilled to close out a series today!!  I recently got my hands on book 3 of Deadly Reunions by Lynette Eason.  Oh, how I have enjoyed these suspenseful, thriller, romantic Christian Fiction books!!

SecretKills-3 copy

When the Smoke Clears was book 1, When a Heart Stops was book2 – I have enjoyed each  one!!

Lynette concluded a great series with this book, she tied up all the loose ends that kept us guessing and wondering through the first three books.  I love how we got to see characters grow from the first book and continue to be strong and Godly people in each of the next books.

This book finalizes the story by brining Jillian Carter home, after disappearing the night of her high school graduation.  She had contacted a few friends once or twice, but otherwise remained in hiding for over ten years.  When she comes back, she is determined to prove the crime she witnessed that night so long ago.  In the midst of trying to prove her innocence and the guilt of another she is thrown back with a young man who she once loved. 

There are stills secrets until the very end, and honestly you will not be able to put this one down.

I highly recommend Lynette Eason and each of these books!!

NOTE : I was offered a copy of When a Secret Kills, in exchange for an honest review by Revell Publishers.

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