Cousin Camp 2013 {planning phase}

I am not the best summer mom.  I seem to find tons of stuff I need to do that I never have time to do, and well – the fun stuff kind of gets pushed to the back.  But for at least ONE week, we have an amazing summer!!  Last year we loved having cousins up from Houston to spend a week at Cousin Camp.  We love this week, they do, I do – it is a win/win all around!!

{Check out last year’s fun : Day 1, Day 2, Day 3 & Wrap Up}

This is my favorite week here during the summer because for one week I am super intentional about planning some great things!!  This year I have an even better plan ahead!!

We are going to paint (canvas & rocks), make garden stones to take home for the yard, decoupage recipe boxes and more!  We are going to have Bible Study time again each morning, which John and Sage loved last year.  This year I am hoping to start them journaling, my boys have jumped into this lately and are loving it.

For our sewing project this year we are going to make ruffled aprons – not sure which but something like this:



I finally have our meal plan and snacks too.  I want to teach both J and Sage some new recipes that they can make without much help!  One fun thing we are going to try is to make different pudding pops each day – my kids are already anticipating this and cannot wait!!  We are going to try these too:

peanutbutter pops

We might mix in a bit of learning like this:



and maybe some nature study too. 

No matter what I know we are going to have fun!!  So thanks to Pinterest I have a pretty good idea of our week and I am looking forward to lots of fun time with my gang and their cousins!!

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