Gratitude {Starting Over}

I am feeling that life is running away some days, well – all days.  I feel like things are not going to slow down until ….  well, honestly maybe never.  So I think I need to slow.  Be still.

Today is June 1st and I am going to start all over.  I am going to count again, count my thanks.  I have done this before, and it changes the minutes of every day.  Taking notice of everything.  And I want to experience that again, that offering of thanks – that pace of gratitude.  So for the next 3 months I am going to count every day.  I’ll dig out my journal, or start a new one.  And I am going to live a life of Thanks.  I hope it spills into everything else, all sloppy like – in my days and my minutes.  I hope it makes me slow just a bit, to see all the great and wonderful things around me all the time.

{Gratitude Journal 2013}

#1 – my mentor who has selflessly poured so much into me

#2 & 3 – an unplanned visit from friends, and pumpkin brownies to boot!

#4 – Tomato Pie

#5 – breezy spring days

#6 – kids playing well together

#7 – walking in the garden and pulling weeds

#8 – my sweet girl claiming she loves to pull weeds, and will miss the lettuce that is done for the season

#9 – a job my husband really loves, people that he cares about

#10 – homemade ice cream plans with our church

#11 – the tic-tock of the Redmond’s clock

#12 – My new pistol – knowing I made the RIGHT choice

#13 – Skyping with my mom & Louie, even if it went past my bedtime

#14 – the house that has not sold yet!

#15 – Seeing my kids show each other kindness

#16 – knowing where Chloe is even if not in our pasture

#17 – Having a meal plan for two weeks!

#18 – feeding the fish with Robert in the evening

#19 – Aravis- my sweet hunter of a cat

#20 – Friends – that bless my heart

God is so good, I hope to see more ways to worship him through my thanks!!

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