Book Review : Unglued {Devotional}

I was trying to get my hands on a copy of this book several times!  For some reason I really wanted to read it.  I finally was able to get signed up to review a copy and I am so glad I did!

Have you even had a devotion book that just met you where you were almost every time you opened it?

Oh my!


This little book did that over and over, and well, over!!  It is full of 60 quick devotions.  Sounds simple, but the truth that pours from the pages is anything but simple – profound is more like it!  I just loved this book.

I kept it in the bathroom, hoping to read it each time I made a trip.  I would find myself reading more than one just because I wanted more.  They really are quick reads – 3-5 minutes.  Would be a great book if you have to wait in an-afterschool pick up line.  Or even a great book to stick in your purse and pull out when you have 3 minutes – honestly!

I love Lysa Terkeurst, I have read Made to Crave by her (need to get that review posted soon) and I loved both of these books.  Lysa writes with a simple truth that goes right to your heart. 

Unglued topics covered are (well there are 60, but here are a few I really soaked up) : Getting Unstuck from My Thinking Rut, Plan for It, Comparisons Stink,  The Exploder (1 & 2), well I could keep going but I won’t.  Just take my word for it – we could all use a devotion book like this.

Now, that being said, let me tell you this is not a quiet time devotion – it is not a pour over and meditate on.  It is a read, absorb and apply kind of thing, there is a verse at the beginning of each chapter and then Lysa working through real life with scriptural truth and application.  That is why I suggest stashing it somewhere you can grab it when you have 3 minutes free.  While it is not hour long quiet time material, the truths are powerful!!

Can you tell I loved this book?  I did.  I hope you get a copy and let Lysa speak God’s word into your heart!!

I review for BookSneeze®

NOTE : I received a copy of Unglued (Devotional) in exchange for an honest review.

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