New Addition!

I used Grammarly to grammar check this post, because since starting SAT training with my boys I have realized that my grammar may have brought my score down after all!!

I recently received a call from a friend that we needed to get ready, he might have a calf for us! We were already ready! We have the bottle, have some milk and always love to have a new calf!! This one is 3 days old!! She is absolutely adorable!! Oh my!!
ag and cleo
So yesterday we went on a hunt for her and her brother – and were so blessed to find both on a 40 acre lot. {Think 2 tiny needles in a haystack} It was even fun just seeing all the mama cows and their babies!! When we reunited our sweet calf’s brother with the mama – we such a sweet reunion too!! Both were happy to be back together!!
k feeding cleo
Not sure of her name yet, but there is not much that is sweeter than baby animals on the farm!! Getting her to start taking her bottle yesterday was not too sweet, but she is already drinking a full bottle at a feeding and that is worth celebrating!!
sweet cleo
We are just so excited – and once we get Chloe home (she went next door to visit the herd of cows over there – she went through the barbwire) we are pretty sure they will be fast friends! Hopefully, this little herd of 3 goats and 2 calves will be enough to keep Chloe home for a while!!
God is sure pretty amazing and we are sure thankful!!

PS – I hope you check out Grammarly – I found it very interesting and I know it will be a tool that would be well worth the cost, especially during high school and/or college applications!!

NOTE – Grammarly did sponsor this post!!

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