Cousin Camp ‘13 {day 1}

When you can get 7 kids (ages 7-12) under one roof, you know it is going to be a party!! 

Today was officially day 1 of Cousin Camp!  It has been so much fun.  I planned lots of stuff for us to do each day, but I really did not realize how well all these kids would play together!  They have played Risk too many times to count, they cleaned off the ping pong table and had a few rounds of that, and there have been many games of Fussball too!

We have made some garden stones and the kids always love that!  Hopefully the parents will enjoy them too!

Our apron sewing project was started today – we cut out the fabric and got it ready to sew some ruffles tomorrow.

My favorite part of all my days is our Bible Study time, here I snapped a pic of my gang praying before our morning kicked off –

cc morning prayers

Here we are making garden stones

garden stone fun cc

Here is Matthew feeding our sweet calf

m feeding cleo

Another Garden stone making pic – they were trying to work together and help each other

making garden stones

A shot of 4 of the kids playing ping pong (yes the school bldg is trashed) – oh my the giggling, laughing and fun they were having!!

ping pong fun cc

Here they are playing stratego – it was either this or risk over and over.

stratego cc


Praying things continue to go well, night times have been hard since my boys think it is a free-for-all.  Hoping my boys can get their act together and we can continue to do the fun things that Cousin Camp brings!!

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