Yummy Supper

The crock pot is my friend.  Even though I am home all day, I still struggle with dinner if I do not have a plan and rarely think about it in time to thaw and make something.  So when I can make dinner during breakfast prep, I love it!


pulled chicken pic

(via pinterest)

Yesterday, Cousin Camp day #1 – Sage and I made a BBQ pulled chicken.  I think this recipe is a keeper because you can tweak each part!  The BBQ part is totally homemade – and you could substitute pork or maybe even beef for the chicken.

We threw everything together in the crock pot during breakfast prep, and I think my chicken was mostly still frozen – I used 4 huge chicken breasts (from our broilers) and the sauce as it calls for it.

About 2pm – well past the suggested 4 hours, I put all the meat in my Bosch bread mixer (you could use a kitchen aid) – with the whipper attachment.  Then I let the Bosch shred all my meat, put it back in the crock pot, turned it off and let it set for about 2 hours.  Turned it back to low about 90 minutes before dinner and we were ready to go!!

I highly recommend, and we will be making it again!!

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