Cousin Camp {day 2&3}

As I am wrapping up the third day of Cousin Camp, I am delighted to look at all our pictures!!

We have had so much fun the last three days : painting, sewing and lots of game playing!  The kids have even walked almost every day!  Great fresh air and exercise!!  Sage has helped in the kitchen for almost every meal prep!  I have so enjoyed cooking with her!


sage making pretzels

Sage making her pretzel

a rolling out pretzel

Here is my sweet girl rolling out a pretzel.

feedling calf j and s


Sage feeding young Cleo.

john a bit unsure

And John too – he’s not too sure about this….


We even ran out to do a bit of geocaching this morning!  It was fun to introduce the cousins and Matthew to geocaching – and they may just be hooked!!

find #2find #3

looking for #2

Some painting fun:

j painting (2)

sage painting

And some sewing fun:

s sewing

Yes, we have been busy – having lots of fun and making lots of memories!!

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