Book review : Dolled Up to Die

When I was sent Dying to Read to review, I was excited to jump into a series similar to another popular secular mystery series.  Book #2 arrived not too long ago : Dolled Up to Die by Lorena McCourtney.  I once again enjoyed this fun novel.

dolled up

There are always a few twists and turns, a bit of tension at the peak, and then a bit of romance too – all these make for a novel you are quick to get into and reluctant to put down.

The main character Cate Kincaid is in her second round as an Associate Private Investigator.  She is a young woman who ended up working for her uncle who is a PI.  Her sidekick of sorts is her boyfriend Mitch who is not thrilled with her profession but smart enough to leave it alone. 

This story is about a murder of an ex-husband, then his mother-in-law.  Cate is hired by the ex-wife and ends up spending a great deal of time with the new wife, all the while trying to untie this mess of relationships.

I enjoyed the book, I like the characters and think that I will jump at the chance to keep reading about Cate and her escapades.  I enjoy her clean, sweet relationship with Mitch, and the trouble she gets herself in while investigating.  These are certainly safe books for my young-adult readers here in my home, and they are just fun reads.

I recommend Dolled up to Die, and if you can check out Dying to Read, first!!

NOTE : I received Dolled up to Die in exchange for an honest review, by Revell Publisher.

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