Why Homeschool

So, school started here “officially” today.  All our friends headed back, with all their supplies, anxious to see friends, and dreading the year.  Not all in that order, and this was an unofficial poll of the kids I know.

Here?  Well, we started school last week.  We schooled Monday and  Tuesday – headed to Arlington with Dad all day Wednesday, volunteered Thursday at the food pantry while I met with our co-op to plan, and then relaxed Friday.  Hmmmm

{oh yeah, we did do math Saturday}

That is why I love homeschool. 

Here are a few of my reasons  :

1.  We generally finish school by noon.

2.  We eat lunch together in our kitchen, listening to music, talking and doing life

3.  We get to spend days serving, because quite honestly I want them to learn to live out service now, here – not “later”

4.  We can do school in the house, the school building, our bed, or in the shade of a tree

5.  We can wear pj’s

6.  We learn to get along with each other – harder than getting along with strangers – I mean really, it is!

7.  We get to chase down topics or ideas we want to learn – we still have clear thinking kids when school is done and they can choose how to spend their afternoons.

8.  We can finish a week of school in one LONG day, if we need/want to.

9.  We can do math while driving to DFW, waiting at the dentist, or after dinner.

10.  I get to watch my kids love each other (and fight too)

So we are into our second week, and so far I think we have a pretty solid routine for school days – it is flowing well.  And most of all we are having fun learning lots of new stuff!!

Like, do you know where Mali, Chad and Niger are in Africa?  I do – as of last week!! Fun stuff!!

{For the record, J thinks he knows where East Africa is, also known as South Africa – made me laugh!!}

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