Book Review : The Promise

I have been a fan of Dan Walsh and Gary Smalley for decades!  I cannot even count how many of their books I have read.  I reviewed The Dance previously, as it was the first book in this series by Dan Walsh and Gary Smalley.  They have paired up to incorporate their counseling advice into a fiction story.

I thoroughly enjoyed The Dance, and when I found out a friend and her husband were separated I quickly passed it on to her to read.  This time around I was offered The Promise to read and review.


While I knew I would enjoy this book, and I had no problem jumping right back into life with the Anderson family, I had not expectation of seeing myself in one of the characters.  In the Dance Jim and Marilyn (the Anderson Parents) deal with their marriage issues of many decades.  In this book, Tom (Jim & Marilyn’s son) and his wife are dealing with their own marriage issues.

Instead of telling Jean, Tom hides the fact that he was laid off – mistake #1.  Then, having to keep the secret he sinks the family into deep credit card debt and risks losing their home.  That is until Uncle Henry shows up.  Uncle Henry is that person in your family who steps in at just the right (or wrong depending on your perspective) time with sage advice.  Fortunately Uncle Henry loves the Lord and brings wisdom and advice that is sorely needed.

The healing that Jean and Tom go through, while dealing with the lies, was eye opening.  For me, the best part was seeing the impact of choices made generations ago – was profound.  Realizing that the way we were treated is really the way to we treat others and seeing the need to turn around and correct that is so important. 

I enjoyed the story of the Anderson Family in those book, but most of all I loved seeing the restoration within Tom and Jean and between Tom and his father.

The Dance HR.inddThe-Promise-Cover-194x300

I highly recommend The Promise or The Dance – both of these books will help you to take a look at your role as a parent or spouse.

(Also check out The Reunion by Dan Walsh)  

NOTE : I was offered The Promise, at no cost, in exchange for an honest review, by Revell Publishers.

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