Book Review : Memory’s Door

So how do you rave about a fiction book that sits on the fence between sci-fi, thriller and spiritual without sounding like a wierdo?  I guess I will not be able to avoid seeming a bit off, but I LOVED this book.

Is it because there is so many things going on in our country today that are not what they seem?  Reports on the news saying one thing on one day and retracting it the next – major news channels mind you!  Or is it because as I read this book, the messages really just resonated with me?

I’m not sure.  But the message the author is seeming to deliver in Memory’s Door, the sequel to Soul’s Gate – just seems so incredibly obvious in this day in age, but by obvious I mean you need to know what you are looking for and see it – that kind of obvious.  The kind that believers seeking after Jesus will see and not question.

Okay.  So the book.  The first book introduced the prophecy and the players in said prophesy.  This time they are in full battle.  The battle is more than even they are expecting or seeing.  The battle is bigger than they can imagine – and the players are not who they think they are.

The Warriors Riding are a group of 4 people who are able to going into the souls of others to fight spiritual battles to free them from the bondage they may or may not know they are under.  (clear as mud?)  Inside the souls however, they encounter demons who are holding tight to the bondage they have these people under.  And these battles are very real – what happens there (loss of life, sight, voice) happens here when they get back.  So this is serious business.  But these four are helping others find forgiveness, healing and love through their new freedom and seeking Jesus in it all.

Good stuff.  The thread that is hitting me right between the eyes though, is the “other team” – the opponents to the Warriors Riding.  Those who seem, from the looks of them, to be fighting on the same side, and yet against the Warriors.  These opponents are fighting with what seems to be pure motives, but instead  they are propagating a system of religion, or rules – or the Law.   This group is clinging to the rules to justify their salvation instead of the grace and mercy and blood of Jesus.


Okay – just a bit more.  The point was that there are battles we are waging today – in our homes, our churches, everywhere that seem like we are all on the same side – but we are not.   This battle that this book tackles head on is one that is going on today, today!  In homes, in churches, all over.  We are not seeing the fight for what it is, and we do not realize the damage being done.

I loved this book.  There is even some romance sprinkled in.  Amongst the thrilling battles, the page turning suspense.  You will wonder who The Wolf is – and who Tristan and his friends are – are they good?  Are they bad?    You will be sad to see Marcus have to decide between the past and the future.  You will see the characters face lies that we fall for every day.

I loved it.

Okay, so this video just shows you how a book can speak to you – of course the entire regret thing was great too – I loved the picture that Mr. Rubart created to deal with regret, but by the end of the book I was even more taken with his focus on how Satan is crafty with his attacks against Christians.  Anyway – check out this book!!

Honestly, I do not say this about too many of the books I get to review.  But I loved this and think everyone should read these, even though they are a stretch to our imagination!  Needless to say, I recommend this book and its Prequel Soul’s Gate.  They will make you think about things more than you have in a while!!

NOTE : I received a copy of Memory’s Door at no cost, from Litfuse in exchange for an honest review.

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