Horsin’ Around

Oh my word!!  What a day our family had!!  The men took off about 9:30am to head to Arlington to watch the Texas Rangers play baseball! 


The girls hung around, we painted our nails, we watched a bit of Duck Dynasty (that’s what girly girls do ‘round here).  Then we packed up and headed out to see our sweet friends!!


My sweet girl is in “that” horse phase of life.  I have learned some of us (me) grow out of it, while others (our friends’ family) never do!  We got to go visit their place, and meet their horses!!

AG has seen horses before, she has even ridden one, but not like this!  Not this much time, not this much attention!  She loved it and so did her sweet friend Jules.


So, it has begun, the quest to add a horse to this crazy hobby farm.  Yes.  I know, I said never – why do I do that?  I said never – you cannot eat it – cannot have one.  Hmmmm.  Funny. 

2 spitfires

When your most responsible child is longing for something, and you know all that it can offer, how can you say no?  That bond…oh my.  I already know her heart will be in the pasture and no longer in her chest if we find that perfect horse.  But, wow – the memories, the learning, the responsibility will be so worth it!!

So, stay tuned, who knows….

Meanwhile our visit…. Ag met a sweet baby horse – between 4 to 5 months old.  Jules.  She was pretty taken with AG.  I think it was her first time to see someone about her size. 

Ag and Jules meet

As my girl would walk around, this sweet horse would turn completely around, ignoring the rest of us to see AG.  They were pretty cute!!

Jules and AG

Then we went to get Pepper ready to ride.  All the full grown horses were pregnant (that we met). 

She was so good with AG, so patient and gentle – a super sweet horse!!

pepper and ag


After meeting they got all ready to go on a little ride.

ag on pepperag pepper and jules

Chuck, our friend that lives here and is part of the whole operation that his parent are running, led AG around on this horse.  It was so fun to watch!!

After that we washed Jules’ mom – Storm (I think) and that was fun too.  AG sprayed just about all of us while trying to wash the horse!  Then SHE got to lead her back to the pasture!  Oh my. 

leading jules momma

To watch my little 7 year old lead this huge pregnant horse around – and SHE listened, the horse.  She really did what AG asked her to do.  It was so fun!

ag and momma and jules


One of my favorite parts of the day was seeing Jules lay down and start rolling in the grass.  Reminded me of Bree in A Horse and His Boy – how he worried so about the Narnian horses – “did they roll?  Was it okay to roll?”  Just another reminder about how we try to conform to fit the “norm” – who cares!?  if you like to roll, then roll – and don’t fret about what anybody else thinks!! 

jules rolling

That was Jules – she did not care – she just wanted to roll – so sweet!!

A perfect day, thanks to the Stone family and their open hearts!!

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