It’s funny sometimes, this world we live in.  Funny may be a stretch. 

As I reflect on my ultra-crazy day today and I am still for half a minute – I realize how we do so much chasing most days.  And what are we chasing?

Lately, as I sit outside and woo my sweet little (feral) kittens over to eat the food I generously offer, I realize I love where I am.  I love the stillness.  I love the deer eating by the fence every night, across the pasture.  I love walking to the pond as the Blue Heron flies off after getting a belly full of fish or frogs, take your pick.  I love the night birds that come out and sing with all their might.  I love our sunsets and sunrises.  I love falling in to bed at night utterly exhausted after weeding my garden, planting seeds and more.  I love it.

And joy honestly fills my heart. 

Then I think back on the article I read in this week’s copy of World Magazine.  That some crazy number of “young adults” (which I know I am no longer a member of that group, but bear with me) feel depressed after looking at facebook.  After doing studies they found that the overall feeling after getting on facebook and “catching up” most adults are feeling worse than before.

So why?  Why do we live in that world?  Why do we sit and check it out when we have a free minute?  Why do I sit and watch as friends (who are not happy, not coping, not doing well) share the “BEST of Their day” giving me and the rest of the FB world the illusion that all is hunky-dory?  Again with the masks that we put on.  Why do we do this?  It is not just “them” – is it?  It is us too.  We only put our best face on FB. 

And yet I catch myself, when I do not have my minute crammed full, thinking I should see what everyone is up to.  Really?  Maybe I am part of that group (not by age mind you) that does not feel more content after reading through a day’s posts of other people’s lives.  Maybe I really don’t need to know all that is going on every minute in so many people’s lives.

Now, I am not saying I want to get off the FB train, I love connecting with friends from my younger days – Army friends, USMA people, even a few high school people? – well maybe.

Either way, I love my life.  When I stop and enjoy it – so I need to stop filling every moment with stuff and sit back and enjoy my life more – and a little less of everyone else’s, I think.

Just some random thoughts…..

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