Book Review : Mud Puddle Hunting Day

While I may be out of the board book stage of life, I still enjoy reading all books to my kids.  We still pick up our favorite board books, especially my sweet little girl to enjoy them! 

I got a chance to get a copy of a new book in a series for little ones, by Callie Grant.  These are board books and they are gorgeous!! 


The colors are vibrant and the pictures are engaging!!  There are lots of things going on to talk about with the child you are reading to.  The theme of the series is A God-centered nature series.  This particular story is about a little girl enjoying a mud-puddle hunting day!


What child does not delight in traipsing around in mud-puddles?  There is so much going on after a rain, and the water is just a bit of the fun!  This book takes the reader from the start where the girl dons her rain gear, then out into the wild outdoors, or her yard!  The adjectives and the verbs are great words that will be new ones for little ones to add to their growing vocabulary.


I really enjoyed this sweet book, most of all, I love a chance to bring the focus to God in every day things!  This book is just a place to start some great conversations about all that God has created and shows us when we look for it!

I recommend this sweet book, and the others in this series, by Callie Grant.  These would be great gifts for a new mom, or two if you know of one!!

NOTE : I received a copy of Mud Puddle Hunting Day, in exchange for an honest review.

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