Book Review : Experiencing God At Home {Day by Day}

I love books that can help us (as parents) do this parenting job better!  Years ago I enjoyed working through The Experiencing God workbook so when I was offered the Experiencing God At Home Day by Day devotion book I was anxious to check it out!


This is a sweet little book, about 5×7 – padded hard bound book that offers daily devotions to go through as a family.  There are other special devotions included as well like Family Baptism, birthday, Christmas, and other holidays. 

Each devotion lists out a passage of scripture to read, then offers a question to get the discussion started.  After the question there is a devotional related to the scripture.  Next there is a family prayer section that you can read or you can take their idea and say your own prayer.  Finally there is a section suggesting quiet time “for younger children” and “for older children” which you can then read to your child for them to do on their own.

I think this book is a great tool for a family who is not sure where to being a family devotion time.  It is a great book for a family who has a daily devotion time and just wants some new material.  My family loved the subjects that were addressed in these daily assignments.   We felt they were certainly relevant to daily life as well as a deeper look into the scriptures.

This would be a great gift book for any family on your Christmas list!!

NOTE : I was offered a copy of Experiencing God at Home Day by Day, in exchange for an honest review, by B&H Publishing Group.

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