Book Review : To Know You

I know I like books, I can generally see good in each of the books I review and try to give an honest opinion of the book.  It may seem like I endorse every book, but while I do try to find good to share, I do not always LOVE the book. 

This time, OH MY – I LOVED the book!  I have talked about this book every day since I finished reading it.  I have told my husband countless treasures I took away from this story.  I find myself thinking about the characters all the time.

I loved this book!

to know you

To Know You is written by Shannon Ethridge and Kathryn Mackel.  The story is expertly woven in such a way that it tells a story, but teaches so much more!  The characters in this story are almost 3d – I honestly felt like I knew them at the end of the book, and not in a forced contrived way at all.  The journey the characters take is so real, that I honestly wanted to be there to see more that was on the page.

There is so much redemption in this book, so much healing and so much of God.  The conflicts, sins, and consequences are all very real as well as the healing, loving, and the reconciliation.  The characters demonstrate an ability to forgive tough things, to reconcile beyond difficult circumstances and keep trusting to Lord with their hopes and dreams.

I highly recommend this book to everyone.   This is a safe story for young adults, but there is a bit of adult depth – nothing not suitable but they would not get everything out of it.  I do think it would be a great read though, for our young adults because of the real life consequences the characters face – as well as the grace and forgiveness offered.

I loved this book.  And I need to tell you, many tears were shed at the end – it was just an amazing conclusion to a strong well constructed story!!

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