a little of this and a little of that

Holy cow – life is flying by, and I am afraid that it may  not slow down until my sweet girl moves out – UGH!!!

I hate that I am not even chronicling what is going on in our lives on here, for my benefit, let alone keeping family and friends up to date!

So we have been more dedicated to Archery this year, trying to practice as much as we can, and J and P even went to an outdoor shoot! 

Archery practice

The next priority seems to be hunting – we are going hunting in about 2 weeks, and we are slowing acquiring people and gear to make this trip a success!!  We needed guns (check), ammo (ongoing need, but check), another adult to chaperone (check – Nathan is coming with us), shooting practice – still working on that! – oh the list goes on and on.  Hoping to get the boys qualified this week so we can breathe next week as we pack and prepare for our trip.

Then there is a bit of 4h sprinkled in –

A MADD walk here :

lets go lets growmadd walk

madd walk again

Food Practice there :

Food Challenge practice


Everyone once in a while we try to get together with our homeschool friends too  – actually we meet twice a month to study artists, composers, nature, and hymns!!  While getting there is a struggle each week, and planning’/preparing is a bit of work, once we all settle in this is a GREAT time!!  Watching these kids learn is blowing me away!  They are loving it!!

So that is what has been going on in our world. 

The animals are good – my goats are pregnant (we suspect) – our buck needs a new home, and the calves need a bigger yard, but otherwise life is good!!  (Did I mention that Robert woke up the other afternoon, while on night shift, to the sound of a goat in the house.  Oh my!! Axle was walking down the hall in the house! Love this life!!)

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