Book Review : Stones For Bread

Stones for Bread is a book that peaked my interest from the title alone.  I have been grinding grain and baking bread for our family since 2008, honestly I cannot remember before we did this!   We love it, and when I saw this book centered around the making of bread I knew I wanted to read it.


This book, however, is not just a book about a woman who makes artisan bread.  This is more like a 3 in 1 book.  There is the main story line that takes place “today” and it is about Leisel, she owns a small bakery and she makes bread from starters that grow wild yeast.  I  thoroughly enjoyed reading this part of the book, learning about her love of bread making, and all that it entails. 

The other part of this book is her past, her parents, her mother and grandmother specifically.  Her mother and grandmother shared their love of home made bread with Leisel, so much so that Leisel still maintains her grandmother’s starter that she brought from Germany.  Leisel still carries a tremendous burden of dealing with the loss of her mother when she was 12 years old. 

The last part of the book is the historical telling of bread.  This is the smallest story line woven throughout the book, telling bits of the history bread, ending with the story of Jesus being the bread of life.

While this may initially seem confusing it was beautifully woven together.  The far past, the near past and the present. 

There are many tough parts to read in this book, because quite honestly this felt more real than fiction.  Several parts were so raw that if felt like the truth pouring from the pages, the hurt and the anger and the grief that Leisel and her father work through as they navigate life without her mother.

Did I mention the romance?  No?  Well, there is and it is so sweet and subtle you are not really sure it is happening.  For someone {ME}who does not enjoy lovey-dovey drippy romance novels, I LOVE how the romance element was delivered, just the right amount!!

I was quite captivated by this book, read it in about 3 days and could not touch another book while I was in this one.  It certainly grabbed my attention, but I think also Leisel grabbed my heart with her story. 

I highly recommend this book, one of the best, most realistic fiction books I have ever read, it felt so real and sincere and raw that my heart broke and rejoiced with Leisel.  Not sure I have seem so many elements all come together to form such a beautiful story at one time.

To read more about Stones for Bread check out the LitFuse page HERE.

Meet the author: Christa Parrish is the award-winning author of CParrish-186three novels, including the 2009 ECPA Fiction Book of the Year Watch Over Me. When she’s not writing, she’s a homeschool mother of three wonderful children. Married to author and pastor Chris Coppernoll, Christa serves with him as co-leader of their church’s youth ministry as well as serving as a facilitator for a divorce recovery ministry. She is now also slightly obsessed with the art of baking bread.

NOTE : I received a copy of Stones for Bread, at no cost in exchange

for an honest review by LitFuse.

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