Book(s) Review : Christmas in Apple Ridge

I always enjoy some good Amish fiction during the Christmas holidays!!  I really love when an Amish story continues in follow on books, so you get to “keep in touch” with the characters you have come to love!

apple ridge

Christmas in Apple Ridge, by Cindy Woodsmall, is a bit of both of those!!  There are three books in ONE.  Also the same people show up in each of the books since the setting is the Amish community in Apple Ridge.

I thoroughly enjoyed getting ensconced in the lives of these wonderful people.  I always love seeing the relationships that are shared through Amish fiction, there is a spirit of dependability and unconditional love that does not seem to exist in the real world so much any more.

My favorite of the three stories was The Dawn of Christmas, the last one.  This was a story of healing.  Two characters have to learn to truth themselves and others in order to move on in life.  Watching them gain their footing with live and each other was charming.  I enjoyed how they had to work through their trust issues more than once, but through it all they realized the other people was worth it.

Each of these stories is a face paced read that would be perfect to grab on these icy days we have been having here in East Texas!!  I love a good book by the fire when it is cold outside!!

NOTE : I received a copy of Christmas in Apple Ridge at no cost, in exchange for an honest review, by Waterbrook Press.

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