Gathering family together is such a treasure!  Our second annual family gathering happened this year on December 27th.  With over 20 family members together, the day was fully enjoyed by everyone!

family festivus 2014

lisa and c3


This year we enjoyed a bountiful feast of fruit, veggies, cupcakes, sausage (from Woody’s) and Chili!!  The chili options were chicken and venison and both were a hit!! 

bonfire at sunset

The favorite of the day was the bonfire though!!  My father in law graciously made 4 new benches for us so that there was plenty of seating for everyone!  How he built them all and got them painted is a mystery!

robert and mom

The kids played and played – Crush the Carrier was the game of choice – give one kid the ball and tell him to run, the other try to crush him.  Once he is down someone grabs the ball and runs.  Simple.  Yet they played for hours!

cousin wrestlingcousinscrush the carrier

We were so blessed to have Robert’s great Aunt Stella join us from Vernon as well.  Hope that she gets to join us in the future, as we have already penciled in our Family Festivus for 2014!!silly cousins

Wrapping up the year as a family was lots of fun!!

sunset (2)

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