Book Review(s)–Various Books by Callie Grant

While my kids are all reading their own books these days, I still love to read an occasional board book to anyone who will sit still!

I was looking forward to reading three new board books by Callie Grant, published by Graham Blanchard (I reviewed       recently which was published by Graham Blanchard too).

First Up

 Little Seed : A Life


Little Seed is filled with wonderful illustrations by Suzanne Etienne.   (click on the title to peek inside the book)

In Little Seed, the story follows a little seed that falls to the ground and shows what happens to it.  As a family that gardens I would love to use this book to teach little ones why we plant seeds and how each season impacts those seeds. 

I love that God is woven into this story as well, reminding our little ones how amazing God is and how he impacts life around us all the time!  The colors are vibrant and engaging and I know that little ones all around would love to listen to this great story!!

Graham Blanchard categorizes this book as a Praise book – it celebrates who God is.

Next Up

Close as a Breath


The story Close as a Breath is illustrated by Sarah Acherley. (click the title to take a look inside)

This follows a little girl as she and her father go about their day.  The little girl asks lots of questions about nature and life around her, and her father answers her questions by teaching her about God.  There is a rhyming pattern to this story that makes it a bit whimsical. 

I love how this story takes a simple question from a little girl to her father and starts to teach ideas of science, but also connects them to the Creator. 

Graham Blanchard publishers consider this an Absorb book as it teaches concepts.


Knowing My God – Jesus Saves Me


Knowing My God varies from the others in that the illustrations are pictures, of animals, children and life.  One central part is sheep and there are many pictures of sheep while the text refers to actual scripture that ties sheep to the Bible and God.

Graham Blanchard publishers consider this Learn book as it teaches scripture and explains what the verses mean.

If you are in the market for buying books for little ones, make sure you check out Graham Blanchard publishers – I have LOVED all the books I have read from them!!

This company is committed to helping parents teach their children about God – and I love that!!

NOTE : I received a copy of each of the books mentioned above in exchange for an honest review, by Graham Blanchard Publishers.

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