Hunting Take #2

My boys (all 4 of them plus 2 friends) had a weekend to remember!!  Oh my!

Our gang was selected for another Youth Hunt as part of the TYHP here in Texas.  This hunt was held in honor of Jacob Krebs – he was a young man I never knew, but from the sound of it, was absolutely amazing.  Jacob was an Eagle Scout and destined for the Navy with hopes to be a Navy Seal.  While training last April he died while training for future Seal testing. 

Jacob was an active hunter in the TYHP program as well.  So this hunt was held in his honor and while I was not able to be there, I shed a few tears for Jacob myself.  I hope that my boys learned more than just more about hunting while being a part of this hunt!!

One of the adults involved with the hunt was a wildlife biologist, and she was able to teach the boys more than they were expecting.  For one thing, E’s doe was pregnant and they were able to see the fetus and even tell if it was a boy or girl!

Robert was on his own this time gutting the deer, with quite a bit of help from our friends, but there was no Leroy this time!  He says the processing is now up to me.  Lovely!

So, E got 2 Does, P for 2 does and J got 1 doe.  So we have 5 deer to process in this days to come.  Fun – fun!

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