4H Food & Nutrition Fun

We had the District competition this last weekend for Food & Nutrition with our 4H club/county.  This means we competed at County level and were able to advance to District – where multiple counties then compete against each other.

Henderson food challenge

My younger boys were on both a food challenge team and quiz bowl.  My oldest son was on an intermediate team for both competitions too.

  Food Challenge is where they are given a bag of food and they have to use each ingredient and create a dish.  Then, they must present that dish to judges and explain the health benefits, the safety steps, the steps of preparation, and the My Plate information. 

Quiz Bowl is where they are on teams and compete against other teams with facts about Food & Nutrition. 

Quiz bowl teams jr

So our Junior teams won first place in both competitions.

jr food challengejr food challenge ribbonsjr food challenge with foodQuix bowl

Our intermediate teams that J was on both placed second for their competitions.

quiz bowl intermediate


intermediate food challenge with food

intermdieate food challenge award

It was lots of fun, and we are so excited to have done well and have it behind us!!

county food challenge awards

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