Book Review : The Sinners’ Garden

This is my first time to read a novel by William Sirls.  The Sinners’ Garden is William’s most recent novel.


William writes a very detail oriented book, about a number of characters.  Andy is the main character of the book, a boys whose abusive father is out of the home, but still manipulating him.  Andy is fighting with his mom, depending on the support of his Uncle and trying to find his way through life.  Suddenly, his broken ipod starts speaking to Andy, in a way that makes him repeat what he hears.

Meanwhile, we are introduced to the “summer Santa” who is doing good deeds anonymously throughout town.  So we see God moving in Andy, but also in motivating this man to give to the most needy people.  Finally, there is the garden that just pops up – and gets better and better.  Andy and his family wonder who is doing this and why.

This is a heavier novel, it is a deeper read than most fiction books you will pick up.  I enjoyed reading about Andy and guessing who the Santa was.  There is a bit of suspense throughout, and some anxious parts too, where there is a clear evil, but at the same time not very clear.

I connected with Rip the most I think, he was Andy’s uncle and trying to be a solid male figure in Andy’s life.  I enjoyed the redemption seen through Rip’s life, from his salvation in prison to his turning his life around once he got out.

This book will make you think about not only serving others and giving, but also about forgiveness.  An underlying theme seems to be along the lines of coming to terms with your story, the one you are a part of, and trusting God in that.

William wrote a strong novel that will pull you in from the beginning.

NOTE : I received a copy of The Sinners’ Garden in exchange for an honest review by Litfuse


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