It has been so long since I have been on my blog for anything besides a book review! Oh My! It seems life has gotten a bit busy, a new computer has made updating my blog tough, and probably a slew of other excuses!

So I found a free trial of a software program to help with the blog updating issue. I hope to find a few spare moments to get back to updating this more often (I miss the journal it is for me) and I hope to conquer any other excuses!

So what is new?

Baby goats were born in January – 4 of them to my 2 does. We were there and loved it.
We added 2 turkeys in February along with 75 broiler chicks.
We love a turkey to a raccoon in May, and butchered all our chicks in April, after we showed.
We added a new chicken coop – still a work in progress – it will house our hens and offer a rotational grazing deal.
The garden is doing well, sans weeds! yay!! We have a slew of tomatoes, peppers, a few watermelon, and squash. We planted some green beans too, three varieties and hope something makes!
The cows are still growing out in the pasture. One should be leaving in about 3 months. The other has some growing to do still, so she will be around a bit longer.
The biggest addition has been our bees!! My oldest J has become a beekeeper along with his dad! They are both pretty cute in their bee suits! After we received our two hives and bee boxes and stuff, Robert was able to catch a swarm at work, so now we have three hives! Oh my!
He has tasted a bit of our honey and is sure it is the best he has ever tasted!!

Well, for today I think that is all the updates I have. Life certainly is speeding right along here. We are not too close to finishing school, but no matter what we are promoting and starting up July 8th. So we will be making a mad rush to finish all we can in the coming weeks – squeezing in VBS, a mission trip and friends & family visiting! It should make for a great summer!!
(I’ll have to post pics later because I cannot seem to figure that out either…..oh well!)

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