Book Review : Fatal Exchange

I have another great summer read for you avid readers!!  Lisa Harris is the author of my latest read – and her book is Fatal Exchange.  This is the second book in her latest trilogy, however I did not read the first and it did not slow me down. 


fatal exchange

The series focuses on two sisters and a brother, and I suspect the first novel was about Michael, the brother, but it may have been about the oldest sister who is a detective.  Either way at the onset of this story, Michael is “dead” and Emily and Avery are Michael’s sisters and Avery is a detective with the police department that Michael also served on.  Clear as mud?

Okay.  So this story starts with Mason, Michael’s best friend, trying to help a friend (who is a student of Emily’s) find his brother.   Emily and Mason have a brief past, that was cut short due to her faith and his lack of faith in God.  Fast forward to today and Mason is living for the Lord, and a changed man.

As Emily and Mason have to work together to figure out just what is going on with their mutual friend, they rekindle their interest in one another.

There is many unknowns throughout the story, enough to keep you flipping pages, just when you think they have it figured out, a new twist presents itself.

I enjoyed the characters, they were easy to connect to and relate with, and I really enjoyed the story.  There were a few real life issues that were interesting to think about in between my times reading Fatal Exchange.

The most interesting point was the cliff hanger at the end, I cannot tell you what it was, don’t want to spoil it – but I will get my hands on book number three even if I do not get to review it!!

I am a new fan of Lisa Harris’ and I look forward to reading her future works! I think this is a great summer read, and no, you do not need to read the first book, but it would be fun!!

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