Book Review : Persecuted

First, I need to tell you how thrilled I was to realize that the movie for this book was coming out in a few months!!  Oh My!


I loved the pace of this book, the characters, and the story line!  I could not put it down, and I admit I had to ask my kids to keep it down more than once while in the last quarter of the book!!  Oh my!!


Okay, so check out the trailer for the book (including scenes from the movie)…..


I love action/thriller type books and movies, and I LOVE a movie my kids can watch!!  I will have to see this first, but I can tell you that in the book there is NOTHING inappropriate.  THe “event” that happens is referred to as him being with a girl (with clothes on) taking pictures.

Okay, so back up.  This book is about how Washington can spin what they want about just about anyone.   An evangelical preacher is targeted because he will not endorse a bill going before Washington Politicians that will open Christianity up to more persectuion.  The bill is named a Fairness act, but John Luther realizes the true implications.  John then uses his platform to speak out against the bill.  Washington has other plans and arrangements are made to smear John Luther, hoping to force his hand.

However, we get to see who John Luther was as a boy, when he relies on his ability to run and hide.  Throughout the book, John flashes back to his youth and younger years, he reflects on his relationship with his father, and how much has changed since then. 

I loved the dramatic Washington story, but I also really enjoyed the look back at what made John the man he is today.  It was easy to see how God’s hand was on John from day one, and how his father’s love ultimately showed John God’s love.

I cannot wait to see the movie, and I am pretty excited that there are some more well known actors in it!  This is going to be a great movie that we can take the kids to.  It is important that we realize just how precious our rights are, and how quickly they can disappear!

Movie Trailer :

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