Book Review : finding spiritual whitespace

So after reviewing tons of books of various genres I have decided that my favorite are thriller fiction.  I have signed up to read many other types of books and thoroughly enjoyed almost all of them, but non-fiction is a category that I am SUPER picky about now a-days.    I have found that I struggle to get through a non-fiction too much. 


However!!  Oh my.  When I saw the blurb about Bonnie’s book Finding Spiritual Whitespace – okay, honestly the title alone decided it for me.   I had not idea where she would take this title, but I KNEW I need some spiritual whitespace.

Where Bonnie took me?  wow.  To put it bluntly.

Bonnie Gray wrote this book as a journey that she went on.  When she started writing this book she wanted to explore what whitespace was and how having spiritual whitespace would impact our walk with the Lord, she had no idea He was about to take her on the walk of her life.

The first few pages of this book grabbed me, it spoke to me, I even took a picture of one page and texted it to a friend to show her what I had just read.  This book was meant to be in my hands right then. 

As Bonnie went on her journey to explore her past, and uncover her hidden memories, she learned a great deal about how to slow down and dig deeper into who she was.  As she writes about her journey she prompts you to take your own journey.  This is not a book you read and put down and walk away, you interact with the Lord as Bonnie leads you along.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading through this book, stopping along the way and journaling through ideas and questions that came out of the book.  I enjoyed reading her story, and seeing how the Lord moved mountains in her life.  I find when I read about what the Lord has done for someone else, I find more courage to believe what he is going to do for me.

If you have a lack of whitespace in your life, and really who does not?  Who has the quiet slow moments?  Maybe there are others who do (who are not homeschooling 4, tending to a small hobby farm, keeping the home, serving outside the home, etc) but in this season of my life, whitespace is at a minimum.  This book helped me find a bit and realize I need even more.

Check out Bonnie’s Blog for a video of the book, and more about her! 

NOTE : I was offered a copy of Bonnie’s book Finding Spiritual Whitespace, in exchange for an honest review.

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