OAC {revisited}

I know I keep mentioning Adventures in Odyssey lately, but I cannot tell you how much my family has loved this!!  They are begging to listen, in the car, in the house, at the dinner table.  ALL the episodes are online so you can find that series you listened to a while back, and never finished and start it all over.  You can introduce favorites to your younger ones.

This time around though, Focus on the Family has added a few things. 

1.  There are videos (I avoid these, I want their minds to wander and imagine and create) but if you want them they are there!!

2.  There are a number of episodes that have challenges linked.  (This makes a great tool for a family devotion night)

3.  There are tons of new episodes!!

Honestly I am loving it as much as they are.  I will confess, I have cried more than once listening lately to the episodes.  I just love it.

And yes, right now it is FREE for me, I am reviewing it and promoting it.  But I promise you we will be signing up – how can I not??  My 8 year old is obsessed, and how can I tell her no after 3 months of devouring countless episodes?  She is just hitting the prime years of falling in love with Whit and the many characters!  She is just at the tip of the iceberg of amazingly wise advice and guidance that Whit and the others will dish out through dramatic episodes.  She is just starting to get the jokes and the banter that the characters share!  Oh my.  How can I not keep it up???

So, yes, I love Adventures in Odyssey!!  I love it!  And I love that my girl loves it!  And I love that as family (13 year old to the 8 year old) we can enjoy this wonderful program!!!

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