Farm Additions


Lots of happenings on the farm these days!!  First off, we have welcomed Opie to our humble home!  Opie is about 14 years old and a sweetie!!  The kids have all ridden him bare back and he is very content to walk them around.  He loves to let AG brush him, and he runs to me if I bring him a carrot!  We are all pretty much in love!!




Chloe is our other pride and joy, destined for the dinner table.  She is getting bigger and bigger and still has the funniest personality!   She comes up and wants some scratches and rubs, then gets all spunky and starts running around.  She and our dog Digory have a very special love affair!  They are both crazy about each other (confused as they may be) and they love to play chase!



We are up to 18 layers now.  We have 3 aeracanas, 3 crazy buff marans (and yes they are very crazy), 2 white leghorns, and 10 red hens.  They love to spend their afternoons our chasing grasshoppers and scratching around in the woods.



Their latest favorite pastime is to dig in Opie’s leavings!  Talk about the cycle of life!!  The chickens scratch through it, eat the bugs and anything he did not digest, then the rest breaks down and fertilizes the yard much faster since it was sifted through!  DSC_0896

Next up is Taco.  He and his brother Fajita are hanging out here getting bigger and guess where they are destined for?






He is a super cute Nubian – love his floppy ears.  We are planning to add a Nubian Doe to the farm later this fall or early next year so that we can increase our goat milk production.

Below is Petunia and her baby girl Calla Lilly.  Both of these girls will be getting bred early next year so we can get back into milk!!



Another recent addition was the bees!  J and Robert have become Junior beekeepers, and P is on his way too!!  Here are some shots of them working their hive, finding a missing queen, and of their bees!



DSC_0859Lots going on.  We are certainly staying busy and learning lots as we go along!  Stop in and visit if you have a minute – we love to have friends pop in!!


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