Tennis anyone?

                                     DSC_0906 DSC_0908

Oh my goodness, when Kristen told me we should play tennis when she visited I thought that would be fun!  But fun in the sense that we would tire 9 kids out and they would sleep.  Not fun like, we would meet the H.S. coach who is happy to help my kids learn.  Not fun like, 4 new rackets and some balls too.  No idea about those things!!

DSC_0915 DSC_0916

Pure joy on this boy’s face!!  These are my favorite pics of the day!!


We have played 3 times since the Lewis family left, not as much fun without Kristen coaching, but still fun!  The kids love it.  They are getting better each time we go hit!  And I am loving that we are learning a sport – together!!

DSC_0919 DSC_0936

I am still hoping to get some time with the coach, but since we started I found out another friend plays and has offered some coaching too!!

So, we are certainly not ready for Wimbledon, but the kids love it and they may have a future of playing tennis at least for fun!!

Who can beat that??!!


Drills with coach!

Here is Kristen taking a break while the kids played – with a sleeping little girl on her lap!


More tennis drills with coach and our friends the Brown Boys!

DSC_0965I love lifetime sports!!  Stay tuned who knows where this will take us!!

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