Book Review : Your Family in Pictures

I have always loved taking pictures of my gang by myself. I feel like I can take more time, pic a place that is part of who we are and then hopefully grabs some shots worthy of a frame. However, I still can get into a rut and need a little help!your fam in pics

I LOVED reading through Your Family in Pictures. This book by Me Rah Koh is a great tool for a family. Honestly, I hoped to work through many of her chapters so that I could blog about it, but life got too hectic, and all I did was read and file the info in my brain.

I am planning to tuck this sweet book into my things to take to Maine though so that I can refresh myself and apply some of her amazing tips!!

Me Ra Koh is a SUPER talented photographer, but she does not make you feel like a novice in this book, she is equipping you to take your own great pictures!! The first two chapters help you with tips for your camera, while the following five chapters are themes to photograph, like Holidays and suggestions regarding those; family portraits with suggestions and tips on how to capture a great family shot.

This is a book you can wander through and also come back to again and again. It is a great resource, and like I said it will find a spot in my book bag for my trip so I can pull it out for a tip or two or some much needed inspiration.

If you want to take your pictues to the next level, check out Your Family in Pictures!!

NOTE : I received a copy of Your Family in Pictures, in exchange for an honest review.

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