OAC – Another Plug!!

So, the last month of my trial of the Odysee Adventure Club is coming to a close.  I have been blessed to have the chance to review not only amazing books through the years, but other things too, like my membership to the OAC.  And so often I ask myself “Is this really a great deal?  Or am I loving it because it was/is free since I am reviewing it?”

Let me tell you, I have loved getting OAC for free for 3 months, but I can honestly say we have loved it so much we are signing up!!  And, I will be signing up in the next day or so so that I can grab that sweet deal of $5 for the first month!!

In case you missed the other plugs I have given OAC, you can listen at home (you do need an internet connection) to unlamented episodes.  You can also download up to 5 at a time on a device, like my iphone.  We listen in the car and love it!!

So while I take our next trip across country you can be assured I will have 5 on my phone when we take off, and I will be reloading at places like Chick-fil-a (with free wifi) along the way to keep up.

I cannot tell you how much I love the episodes, there is a great story that keeps the kids interest and they always want more!  The love the characters!!  But there is always a message in there too!!  And most often when we are done, we talk about what we think, have we dealt with that issue?  How would we approach it?  and so on.

So, if you have kids ages 8 and up – I suggest you try this deal out.  What do you have to lose?  Other than a kid addicted to Whit and the Gang at Odysee!?!?


Sign up today for just $5!

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