Book Review : Notes from a Blue Bike





Shortly after Tsh Oxenreider’s book came out, I read review after review raving about this book!  I was already a fan of Tsh’s since I have been following her blog for quite a while now.  If you enjoy her blog, you will love this book!  There is so much more to her story and her heart that you do not completely see through her blog!



I loved hearing about Tsh’s life before kids, and just her heart in general.  Tsh can write words that your heart has felt but that you could not clearly verbalize, at least that is how I feel.  She is real, humble, relevant and inspiring all at the same time.

So often in today’s culture we get swept up into a busy lifestyle that we do not enjoy or savor, and through Notes from a Blue Bike Tsh reminds us that we can slow it down.  That by wishing we were back where we used to be, or somewhere different overall, we lose sight of the fact that we can make THIS life the way we want it.  If we want to eat better, we need to figure out how to eat better where we are and plan accordingly.

I loved how Tsh wrote so much about her life in Turkey – seeing what it looked like for her family to live like natives while there.  The experiences they had when they came back were very eye opening as well, and watching how they dealt with challenges. 

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed Tsh book about living intentionally, making decisions that were best for your family for right now and giving yourself grace to change those decisions in the future.  Make sure you check out – Tsh’s blog!  You will find more of her voice and tons on inspiration.

NOTE : I received this Notes from a Blue Bike in exchange for an honest review.


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