Book Review & Quiet Time Idea

The longer I hang around this round ball of blue and green the more I am aware of an ebb and flow to everything!  

Parenting, good days are followed by bad and that happens over and over.  Quiet Time habits get stronger and then something happens and you fall off the wagon.  Eating healthy is a priority until it is not any more.  Really, it happens with everything!!

So recently when Kristen and I are trying to be more accountable to each other and go a bit deeper with our quiet time we decided to try some else’s system!  She sent me a link to The Better Mom to see what she and a friend were doing.  After reading through her idea, I clicked over to The Gospel Coalition to check out the questions listed there.  I really liked them and thought they would be great to use to walk through each morning while reading something.

A friend recently suggested I read Paul’s letters while we are away for a bit, to see how Paul  approached an imperfect church.  

So mix all that up, and a huge whole in my daily routine and therefore a NEED to be in The Word daily.  So we decided to read through 1 Corinthians first.  We would both read and then share the answers to a question or two.

Here is the book review part!!  Before I read today I grabbed my new copy of The Quick-Start Guide to the Whole Bible.  And read through the seven pages of explanation of 1 Corinthians.  While reading I did jot a few notes in my journal, just ones I found interesting.  And I loved it.

quick start

I requested this book, because I thought it would be a great tool to use in the discipleship of my kids.  I want to start putting more responsibility on their shoulders to lead, even in our family.  So, I thought they could did into this book before we start a study on a book of the Bible.  Then, they could share what they learned.  

On the cover it claims “Understanding the Big Picture, book-by-book” and that is just what it did for me.  It put 1 Corinthians in light of Paul’s life and several of his other letters.  

This book would be a great tool for Sunday School teachers, for home study, or for personally study.   It really helps the reader get a grasp of the point of a book in the Bible so that as you read through it you already know what was going on that related to that particular book.  

Before today I had looked through this book, scanned many chapters and really enjoyed what I found.  But after today I realize just how great this little book is and what a powerful resource it could be for anyone!  I highly recommend it and I look forward to many members of my family gleaning some great information out of it!!

NOTE : I was offered a copy of The Quick Start Guide to the Whole Bible, in exchange for an honest review.

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