Book Review : What Your Heart Needs for the Hard Days

Do you keep a devotion book by your toilet?   That is my favorite spot to keep mine!!  I think I learned this tip when I had toddlers and bathroom quiet time was the only quiet time I ever found!

I have other spots too, like the living room, my bedside table, but my favorite is the bathroom.  It seems every once in a while I have a minute and grab it and have a chance to connect to the Lord.

I know, that may be too much information, but I felt I needed to be open and honest.  


Now, about What Your Heart Needs – that really is the part of the title you need to focus on.  Not : for the Hard Days – because honestly on the good days my heart needs Holly’s words.  On the days I am up early, had some time with the Lord, I still need the wisdom she throws onto pages in these devotions.  Oh my!  

Confession time:  I did not think this devotion book would really be relevant RIGHT now – I am not going through Hard Days – (this week).  But I was SOOOO wrong.  No, hard days did not hit.  But as I read through devotions daily, every time I read Holley’s words it was the truth I needed to hear that day!  Her devotions are short, but will grab your attention quickly and then cut to the chase with the point.  After each devotion there is a prayer and a spot to journal some notes.  


Seriously, this sweet little book is amazing!  I have LOVED it!!  I am a fan of Holly’s writing, I love to read her words, she draws me in and reveals truth to my heart!  So grab this book when you get a chance – for you AND a friend!!  I am going to drop a copy in the mail this week, for a friend who is going through hard days, and I cannot wait to hear how she enjoys it!!

I highly recommend this book, or any other by Holley Gerth!!


NOTE : I was offered a copy of What Your Heart Needs for the Hard Days, in exchange for an honest review!!


Hey, more great news about this sweet book!!

 If your heart is feeling tired, you’re invited to join Holley for a face{book} club for her new devotional What Your Heart Needs for the Hard Days: 52 Truths to Hold On To

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