Book Review : The Desire {3rd in series}

Can I just tell you how much I have delighted in this series by Dan Walsh & Gary Smalley?  The Desire is the third book in the series and might be my favorite.  I loved the characters and felt like the story was one that was very near and dear to my heart!TheDesire-194x300

In the first  book, The Dance,  I fell in love with the Anderson family through Jim and Marilyn first, as they dealt head on with marriage issues.  In book two, The Promise, I become more acquainted with the family through the story of the oldest son Tom as he faced unemployment and secrets from his wife.   The Desire takes the reader into Michelle’s family, as the middle child in the Anderson family.  Michelle and her husband are dealing with infertility.  However, instead of the issue consuming him like it does Michelle, Allan immerses himself into helping orphans in Africa.

I love this series because it takes real life issues and applies actual counseling techniques through the story.  It is a great way to teach the reader how to handle conflict, hardships, and struggles as we watch the characters to just that.  I always enjoy the writing style of Dan Walsh, he writes a book that is hard to put down, and delightful to finish, especially when we know we get to pick this family right back up in the next book!

So many topics are addressed in this book, from teen pregnancy, adoption, overseas missions and conflict resolution in marriage.  I HIGHLY recommend any of the books in this series!!

NOTE : I was offered a copy of The Desire in exchange for an honest review.

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