Common Ground Fair

We had a great day at the Common Ground Fair in Maine.  The MOFGA put it together (Maine Organic farmers and Gardeners Association).  IMG_0625

We got to see animals (sheep, goats, horses, calves, etc), we got to see tons of wool that was spun, we watched blacksmiths, and met beekeepers.  One of our favorite things was the Border Collie Demos.  It was lots of fun watching 5 border collies work sheep, then goats, then ducks, then all three at one time.  It was enough to confirm we do not need a Border Collie – they need a lot of work to keep them busy!

Loved the skeletal structure painted on this cow!


The border collies playing now.


Fun pumpkins!


Got to listen to a natrupath talk about healing herbs.



The kids taking a break waiting for Betsy and I – AG looks beat, but she’s acting!IMG_0645

AG made bread on a stick – she loved that!

IMG_0649 IMG_0652

Then a few of my kids took turns grounding grain on a bicycle, yes – a bike to grind grain!!IMG_0659



On the way out J was offered a fishing Fly making kit, and since we arrived home he has been in the basement making flys non-stop!!  Oh my!  A new hobby I think!!

Such a fun day – even if we had to wear our jackets!!

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