Book Review : Deceived

The latest book by Irene Hannon, Deceived, is the third in her Guardians of Justice Series.  Deceived is a story about a woman who sees a child who looks like her son, however, three years ago her son died in a boating accident with her husband.


As this story weaves around between the authorities not believing her, to the PI she hires to help her, the reader is left trying to figure out how all the pieces fit together.  I always enjoy a story that makes me pay attention and think a bit, trying to analyze the details and solve the problem.  I immediately liked Kate Marshall, not only because she managed to survive a horrible ordeal in the loss of her son and husband, but also because her heart is focused on serving others.   As a woman who has had to overcome obstacles, she spends her life helping other women do the same.

After starting this novel, I could not put it down.  Even though I was in Maine vacationing, I stayed up a few nights too late just wanting to know what was going to happen next.  I enjoyed this novel partly because I enjoyed connecting with the Phoenix Privative Investigators again.  My previous encounters with these honorable men were noted in my review of Trapped, as well as my review of Vanished.  While each story can stand alone, you would appreciate reading all of them and getting to know each investigator.  I know I did.

I highly recommend the above noted novels as well as One Perfect Spring, I seem to always enjoy a novel by Irene Hannon!

NOTE : I was offered a copy of Deceived in exchange for an honest review.

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