Book Review : Thunder

Did you read the Hunger Games?  All 3?

Did you see Divergent?

Sadly I have not read Divergent or the others in that series.  But I thoroughly enjoyed the Hunger Games trilogy and the movie Divergent.

Thunder is book 1 in the Stone Braide Chronicles.  But before I tell you why I enjoyed the book, why if you liked the books I mentioned above that you will like this one, grab a free copy of Tremors – the prequel to Thunder.  If you read Tremors (took me about an hour) then you will know you want to grab Thunder to find out what it all means.

The premise is that 150 years after the world destroyed itself, there is a new “government” – of course.  But this story has multiple twists and turns as well as many unsolved mysteries.  Like the books I mentioned before the characters are mostly young adult, which appeals to me.  I like young adult fiction that is Christian based because it is clean and the story has to carry the reader along instead of romance.  Personally that appeals to me.

There is a romantic element to Thunder, but it is quite innocent and really “good.”  I think this will be a series that I will share with my boys and take the opportunity to talk about many of the issues that the characters face.  In particular, Bodhi, one of the main characters must decide if he is going to choose the path in front of him, a higher calling sort of path, which requires self-sacrifice a trait he is not accustomed to.  Don’t we all have to make that choice at some point?  Don’t we all see the point at which we have to decide in someone else’s best interest?  What a great launching pad for talking with my middle schoolers.

The story moves very quickly, honestly I read it over two days while preparing and planning for a trip.  I wanted answers to many questions, and honestly I only have a few – which demands I read the next one.  Of course!!  But I love a book that gets you thinking, looking at how this fictional story might be more like this present age than we realize.

I thoroughly enjoyed the book, will be a book I share with my boys and one that has me looking for the next one coming out in the Fall of 2015.

NOTE : I was offered a copy of Thunder in exchange for an honest review.

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