Book Review : Prescription for Life

Richard Furman is the author of Prescription for Life.   As a vascular surgeon, Dr. Furman brings a wealth of experience an knowledge to this book!
furman 2
As far as non-fiction books go, I thought this was engaging and easy to read. Dr. Furman does not write like a man who understands things you and I would not. He writes like a friend giving advice backing it up with his credentials. I really enjoyed reading this book, even though I was not sure I could adopt some of the changes he suggests, and continue them for life.

The premise of the book is that most people who experience a heart attack or stroke return to normal life as if nothing really happened. He suggests that we all need to make some hard changes to help adopt a healthier lifestyle, lose weight, and avoid serious vascular issues.

Dr. Furman offers more than advice, he presents a plan for how to change your diet and how to regain a bit of your youth through the inside out. Prescription for Life also addresses cancer issues, dementia, and other issues we face as we grow older. There is a detailed plan for each area that he addresses and he also includes many examples of patients he helped along his career path.

I recommend this book as a great resource to suggest many lifestyle improvements, and it is a great tool to jump start anyone’s journey who is looking to improve their health.

NOTE : I received a copy of Prescription for Life in exchange for an honest review.

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