Book Review : A Promise to Protect

Patricia Bradley has added a book to the Logan Point series with A Promise to Protect.


If you enjoy a fast paced story, with a strong plot, and personable characters this is the author/series for you!  I enjoyed Book #1 : Shadows of the Past, but you do not have to know the past characters or story to enjoy Book #2.

Why do I like this series?  I always enjoy getting into a book that is clean and has a positive Christian message.  A Promise to Protect has both strong likable characters that face struggles and challenges similar to those we face and deal with, as well as a fast paced story line that kept me wondering who was good and who was bad. There are plenty of twists and turns, as well as those adrenaline surging moments.

There is an element of forgiveness and redemption that heals the hurts of the past, and it is an inspiring message that will resound with many readers.  The romantic theme that is woven throughout the story is charming.  Ben Logan and Leigh have a history together that ended too soon, so when they find themselves face to face again after so many years, the love that they once shared clearly has not  faded.

Once I finished this book, my son immediately grabbed it to read it as well, and I appreciated that Patricia can write a book that appeals to me and my 13 year old son, and was clean enough for him as well!!

I recommend A Promise to Protect as well as Book #1 – Shadows of the Past – you will enjoy these books snuggled up this fall with a blanket next to the fire (if you are anything like me!).

NOTE: I received a copy of A Promise to Protect in exchange for an honest review.

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