Gosh, I cannot believe how little I have been blogging about what this blog is supposed to be about!!  Homesteading – maybe it should read “life, one book at a time”!!

But really, life here on the farm has been busy.  We have added  two more goats, a Pygmie and a Nubian.  We butchered two goats and lost another boy goat.  We quickly became goat meat fans and will not be selling the boy goats in the future!

IMG_1149   IMG_1703

My youngest boy E got a hog a couple weeks back, he went hunting with Robert on a weekend the other boys had a conflict, and he came home with about a 120lb female hog!  We were of course proud and enjoyed the hog meat in chili, stuffed jalapeños, and quiche!


My two big boys are teaching about 300 kids at the local elementary school every other week in the garden there.  They have been teaching the Junior Master Gardener curriculum to the kids and they are getting so much better about speaking in front of others!!


P organized a county wide community service project which gathered donations from about 10 area usinesses and included about 40 people.  The project was the landscaping of the senior citizen building in Athens and he did a great job!!

School is plugging along, some days better than others.  The bigger boys are reading a ton and trying to write a bit more than last year.  The younger two are enjoying their books and school work.

Overall, things are moving along well, just not sharing much of it here!

The other fun thing we did was redo our bedroom!  We ripped up the carpet to reveal gray concrete – they we stained it two colors and sealed it.  Then we repainted the walls from a green to a tan and the ceiling from green to white.  We love it so much now!!  It was a much needed improvement!!IMG_1205 IMG_1210

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