New Year – New Plan

I feel like I have drifted away from my blog – and as a result have less of a journal of our adventures here on the farm.  If it were not for pictures I might not know what happened in 2014.

But its now 2015.  A new year.  So, I am going to switch some gears in my life.  I am aiming to take all that time I waste {lose} on Facebook and spend those precious moments updating my blog about our farm challenges, improvements, school successes (maybe some struggles too) and so on.

Looking back though, 2014 was a good year for our family.  My oldest grew about 12 inches (at least is feels that way).  He is now 1/2 a year from high school – oh my!!  After about 18 months of constant battling, he is seeming to get his head back on straight – and life is returning to some semblance of normal.

My next boy came out of his shell in more ways that one!  He taught every other week in the Children’s Garden at a local elementary school – to about 250 kids.  Those kids love him, and his siblings, and yell his name as they get into their benches anxious hear what he is teaching that day.  He also asked about 15 different businesses to donate to his service project which was landscaping the county Senior Citizen Building.  It was great to watch this boy bloom!

Next boy – my wild child – demonstrated a lack of gluten tolerance this year.  We are still in the phase of detoxing, and we all look forward to him being gluten-free or clean!  It is amazing how gluten is making him unable to cope with life.  But we are getting better every day!!  He is thriving too – setting the varmint trap nighty and jumping up in the morning to check it.  He is always begging to go shooting, or at least wandering around outside – he is certainly the most outdoorsy of my bunch!

AG is thoroughly enjoying her horse, not wanting to work with him all the time, but is still very good with him.  She is learning the amount of work it takes to have a week behaved animal and also how to build a relationship with an animal.  Opie is great with her and I think really loves her – he is more patient with her than any of us!

So the new year is here, we kicked off school this morning and it went much better than it has in a long time.  We are going back into a bit more structure than we have been doing.  After spending a few hours Sunday looking at where we have been and where I want us to go, I am trying to schedule more.  I think that is I schedule more, and keep it simple and clear we will get more done.  Also pulling all the kids together for more group lessons will being more cohesion to our home.

So, I hope to blog more about our garden plans (yes – we actually have a written plan!!), and how that actually works in application.  Also about the animal process, we will be breeding the 5 does we have and hoping for a bunch of babies in September – which will equal GOAT MILK!!  We are hoping to get enough milk for our family to drink, make cheese and yogurt with, and anything else!

So, stayed tuned and hopefully we will enjoy this journey together!!

Happy New Year!!

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